Meditations & Mantras

What is the art of creating abundance in my life? How do I open the door to prosperity? What can help me create the flow of prosperity?

Our meditation section offers you a variety of avenues to take your personal prosperity to the next level. Prosperity is very personal. Each of us has our own issues to work through and to work out, and these meditations offer you many choices to work on the aspects that most speak to you.


  • Victory is in Your Projection

    "Victory is my goal, victory is my strength. Victory is my guide, victory is my teacher. Just learn one word, ‘Victory.’ "

  • When you recite the twenty-fifth pauri of Jap Ji all your needs are pre-fulfilled. Prosperity, virtue, estate and wealth are yours without asking.

  • “Learn to be alert. Answer with a power of the soul. Relate with an affirmation. Every word you say should be an affirmation.”

  • "The 2004 Prosperity Meditation of the Year. Practice this posture with this most exalted mantra and experience the ownership of a more expanded, prosperous existence..."

  • "This meditation will elevate your energy strongly, so that you can easily experience your own soul blessing you with prosperity..."

  • "The best thing is to know what you have. Sometimes we do not have the power to concentrate and we miss the opportunity. Elementary abundance is in your hand..."

  • "You can be only proud of one thing – if you have found your soul within yourself. You can be only proud that you have found the selflessness within yourself . . ."

  • Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru

    Yogi Bhajan considered this mantra to be his personal mantra and it was given to Yogi Bhajan by Guru Ram Das in his astral self.

  • "This meditation builds a deep sense of self-reliance. It allows you to separate your identity from your success..."

  • "Allow all the blessings of heaven to flow to you; ask for whatever you need; know yourself to be blessed; feel the boundless flow of spirit..."